How Your Clothes Tell Your Story

There’s a really great term that interweaves fashion and psychology: enclothed cognition. It was termed in 2012 to reflect how the meaning of the clothes we wear has a psychological impact. What we wear influences how we feel and the story about ourselves that we tell others.

Jeans and Confidence

Jeans are a staple in everyone’s closet (as a fashion stylist I’ve visited a lot of closets), and nowadays people in the GTA wear jeans all the time—even to upscale restaurants! But what do jeans say about you to others? Trendy jeans are everywhere, and when you find the right shape, wash, and fit for you, it reflects confidence.

But nothing looks worse than sloppy, ill-fitting jeans because it looks like you just don’t care about your appearance. In turn, this reflects a lack of confidence in your personality.

Boots, Femininity, and Masculinity

I can’t tell you how many male clients I’ve had who thought boots were only for hiking and weekends—and women who thought boots were only worn in the snow. Boots show masculinity for men. For women, wearing a variety of tall boots, booties, and ankle boots show a strong sense of femininity and fashion sense. When I’m doing a wardrobe consultation, it’s always fun to pull out those boots and show my clients new ways to wear them and express themselves.

Solid Colours Avoid Drama

Want to tell the world you’re a direct, open-minded person? Then solid colours are your thing. Solid colours show you’re not interested in complicating things or overwhelming an issue, and you don’t see the world as black and white. You avoid drama and speak the truth.

Suits, Power, and Respect

For both men and women, wearing a suit reflects sophistication, formality, and professionalism. In the boardroom or office, wearing a suit speaks to your success and capability. Investing in a well-made, well-fitting suit is an investment in your personal brand: one that speaks of power and style.

However, suits are considered a ‘safe’ wardrobe staple and don’t show a lot of creativity. Use your judgment about when to wear a suit. Definitely wearing a suit to an interview in the finance field is a good idea, but not the best for a creative or interpersonal field.

Wearing the right clothes isn’t about forcing yourself to be someone you’re not. It’s about using what you wear to bring out your best qualities and enhancing the side of yourself that reflects your goals. Looks Image Consulting prides itself on seeing each client’s inner qualities. We teach you how to easily translate your personality into wardrobe solutions.

So go ahead and use enclothed cognition as your powerful image ally.

With Style,

Michelle Gallant