Does your closet make you feel like a ten? Or are you constantly feeling frustrated, wearing the
same outfits again and again while feeling like you’re in a style rut? Looking for a refresh but

have no idea where to start?

That’s what we do here at TEN Unlimited: We help people love themselves from the inside out
by helping them understand how to make themselves look their best from head to toe.
Whether you’re struggling with fit issues, outdated styles, or just want to feel more confident
every day, Ten Unlimited is here to guide you to what’s right for your body, your personality,
and your lifestyle.
Michelle and her team specialize in a 360 approach to image consulting. We promise bespoke
services to every client because we know everyone is unique. Our team works diligently to fully
break down your style struggles and help you connect to your authentic self through the way
you present your physical self to the world.
We begin each client connection with a consultation to ensure we’re the perfect fit for you. Just
like the right pair of shoes, we know how important it is to ensure that we match up. Once we
know we’re a fit; we are confident that we’ll be able to guide you toward the best version of
Once your style consultation is scheduled, we’ll go through a style assessment to help uncover
the struggles you’re having with your current style. After that, we’ll look at your current
wardrobe and shopping habits to fill the holes and assess what foundation we have to work
with and what needs to change. Finally, we’ll dig deeper by determining what colors, fit, and
budget work best for your unique situation before wrapping everything up with a well-fitting
wardrobe and a brand-new outlook on your confidence, personal brand, and appearance.
Our commitment to what we do goes beyond how you look on the outside; through
comprehensive consultations; we work to uncover what makes you who you are so that we can
configure your wardrobe to allow that to shine through. Our mantra is simple: Be You! Because
you are incredible. You are enough. You are a 10.

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