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Introducing the TEN Process of Body Shape. Our easy DIY books will give you everything you need to make dressing for your shape & not your size a snap!

Are you Busty or 5′ 2″ & under? Our Petite Body Shape v2.0 and Busty Body Shape v2.0 are a must supplement to our Body Shape v2.0 book.

Body Shape v2.0


Men’s Body Shape v2.0


Petite Body Shape v2.0


Busty Body Shape v2.0


Colour Analysis & Swatchbook
2-Hour Consultation

Discover your personal colour palette and gain confidence through a custom consultation.

During your 2-hour consultation, your personal image consultant will unlock the colours that best compliment your eyes, and skin by draping you with a selection of 16 seasonal palettes.

Learn the neutral, “wow factor”, and elegant colour combinations that best suit you. We can also help guide your colour choices for make-up, eyewear, jewellery, and accessories. This package also includes a wallet-sized fabric swatch book and an online dot chart.

Need hair, make-up, eyewear, jewellery and accessory colour recommendations? We cover it all. This consultation includes a wallet-size fabric swatch book and an on-line dot chart.

Body Analysis & eBook
1-Hour Consultation

Learn to dress for your body type while enhancing your best features.

During your 1-hour consultation, your personal consultant will help you realize your image potential from head-to-toe. We help you understand which clothes suit your body’s proportions and 

which styles will compliment you the most. 

Learn how to dress for your shape and height instead of your “size”—and gain the tools you need to maximize your favourite features (while minimizing others). We will give you the tools you need to understand what clothes will make the most of you. This package also includes a personalized Body Shape eBook that will help take the guesswork out of shopping for the perfect pieces for your wardrobe each season—year after year..

Wardrobe Review
2-Hour Consultation

Condense your closet to reflect your true style while identifying essential items to complete your wardrobe.

During your 2-hour consultation, your personal image consultant will conduct an abbreviated colour analysis (includes an online dot chart) and body analysis (includes an online Body Shape eBook) before providing custom curation of wardrobe solutions for each aspect of your lifestyle.

After a comprehensive review of your current clothing, we’ll help you decide what to keep, what to donate (or throw away), and which key garments are needed to complete your overall wardrobe. A Shop Plan & Storyboard or Personal Shopping package are recommended to complete your style transformation.

A Shop Plan & Storyboard or Personal Shopping is recommended to complete your service.

Personal Shopping & Branding

Gain confidence to live authentically by refining the image you present to others.

During your 1-hour consultation and 3 hours of shop time, your personal image consultant will collaborate with you to identify your image and branding goals and craft a narrative that authentically represents you. To help enhance how others associate your image to your overall brand,

we provide tools to help you interact with others with purpose and confidence.

During your 3-hour consultation, your personal image consultant will work with you to achieve your wardrobing goals, elevate your image, and ease shopping confusion. After conducting online profiling and abbreviated colour and body analyses, we will curate a collection of clothing that meets all of your wardrobing needs—such as pieces that fit your budget, convenient shopping locations and trusted online retailers, and few or no returns/exchanges for online shopping.

We choose a shop location or several websites that will meet your needs based on our online profiling to alleviate all of your shopping confusion. After an abbreviated colour and body analysis (we will be visiting pre-selected retailers to achieve all of your wardrobing goals: convenient shopping locations and/or trusted websites, a wardrobe that meets your budget, few or no returns/exchanges for online shopping, and the clothes you need to elevate your image