Things To Expect From An Image Consultant And Personal Stylist

You see both terms used all the time, and there is a difference in between a Personal Stylist and an Image Consultant. To put it simply a Personal Stylist will deal only with your clothes. The level of expertise of brands, fits, and client budgets are the key factors to what makes a Personal Stylist great! But wait…there’s more….Image Consultants will help you create an image that is exactly what you want the world to see. We will affect your wardrobe and clothing choices positively and make meaningful contributions to your life. Ultimately, an Image Consultant will help you put your best self out there. Looks Image Consulting blends Personal Styling and Image Consulting together so you, as the client, get an “all-in-one” service, increasing your overall worth while saving you money in the process.

Here’s What We Do

  1. Image Consultants Help You Create the Right Visual Identity

A visual identity is a consistent image of yourself that is unmistakable to people. Before now, people associated visual identity with companies and businesses but the narrative has expanded. You most likely have a way you want people to always perceive you when they meet you in person or digitally (photos and videos). Perhaps you want to be seen as warm yet formal or you want to be carefree and adventurous, there are styles, colours and many other intricate details that create the overall image you are going for. A Image Consultant knows all of these and would help you look on the outside exactly who are on the inside.

2. An Image Consultant Could Help you Will Life’s Decisions

This seems a little cheeky but hear me out. Image Consultants are usually well-connected people and know other professionals in Toronto and GTA in many other fields like fitness trainers, hair stylists, nutritionists, beauty surgeons, and photographers. Since you may be getting a total makeover of not just your wardrobe but also your body and mind (in some cases), you may need help doing this. Rather than begin shopping for help afresh, your personal stylist could provide you with a bucket list and save you a ton of work.

3. A Personal Image Consultant Will Help You with Your Wardrobe

“I have tons of clothes but a major pain of attending events is the hours I spend trying to pick the right clothes”. Does this sound familiar? A fashion stylist/image consultant ensures that your wardrobe is relevant to your lifestyle. While many people have a lot of clothes and are constantly buying, sometimes, these clothes either don’t match properly or are ill-fitting or both. Your personal stylist has your body measurements glued to their brains as well as up-to-date knowledge of trends and vogues. They ensure that your wardrobe has clothes that fit you well and you are never short in supply for any occasion. Also, they have memorized the colours that are ideal for you, your palette never changes. What does that mean? Your entire wardrobe will always be a quick, easy, mix and match. Doesn’t that sound so easy to pick what to wear every day?

Still Not Sure?

You probably are considering hiring an Image Consultant/Personal Stylist right now but are not sure whether you have the time OR the budget. Looks Image Consulting based in Toronto has digital consulting options (if you’re outside of the GTA)…and can bring an entire wardrobe to your office or home. Can you really afford not to invest in your image? Request a consultation to talk about your needs. I have packages to suit every lifestyle.

With Style,

Michelle Gallant