Summer ‘22 Bright Colours – 5 Style Tips

As the vibrant spring and summer months step into the Northern hemisphere and colour returns to the earth, we are naturally inclined to be drawn toward bright pops of colour. While every new season in fashion has its own colour palettes, there are always a few colours that form the trends of the season. As a personal shopper, I often see people shying away from the brightest, boldest colours, thinking they won’t be able to pull them off. But colours don’t discriminate, and I am here to tell you that with some attention to detail and styling tips, you can also incorporate the colours of spring and summer 2022 into your ensemble and look great while you’re at it. Learning to navigate colour is made easy with this series of tips you can keep in mind. 

Tip #1 Test It Out

The colour trends of this season include the most vibrant summer brights. Think lemon yellow, sapphire blue and bright pink. The thing about these colours is that as eye-catching as they are, most people are not comfortable having too much of these in an outfit. I completely understand this concern; my clients are hesitant because they know that if not done right, these beautiful colours can look a little out of place. To avoid this and see how comfortable you feel with a new colour, you can take it on a test run. An easy way to do this is to invest in an accessory or a scarf. This way you won’t have an expensive dress or top on your hands if you feel this isn’t the colour for you. 

Tip #2 Bright Colours in Periphery 

Another tip for clients who are concerned about how a colour will look with their skin tone is to keep these bold “new” colours away from the face. If you are unsure about whether you have a warm or cool skin tone and worried about undertones on top of this, this style trick ensures that a colour is in your outfit without ever clashing with your complexion. The way to go about this is with a bag, shoes or a belt. These accessories will have some use with any number of outfits and make your look on trend for the whole season. 

Tip #3-Use More White!

There is a reason why white represents coolness and summer in our minds. Apart from the added benefit of reflecting the sun’s ray to keep you cool, this versatile colour goes along with countless other shades. If you think the brightness of lemon yellow or hot pink might be too much for you, white will both mellow down your look and give more of a pop to the colour you choose to contrast it with. Also, it almost always looks good! As someone who performs colour analysis for a living, I can assure you that there is a real science behind pairing white with other colours. Tonally speaking, white goes with both light and dark tones. Ensuring your summer wardrobe is stocked with some key white pieces keeps you looking fresh and gives you a chance to pair up every season’s new trendy colours with your white clothes. You can’t go wrong with a well-cut white silk blouse or a flowy linen dress. 

Tip #4Mix and Match

The fun and sunlit shine of the summer months allow for lots of experimentation in clothing. You can mix it up and add several bright colours to your look. For this, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is recommended not to wear more than two solid colours at once, since the chances of colour clashing get higher with the more colours you add. To avoid colour clash, you should incorporate patterns to give a real and textural feel to the outfit that can be extremely visually appealing. Some colours and patterns go together beautifully. When you go with a pattern, it is better not to engage more than two patterns at once, as this takes away from a central focus and can make your outfit confusing at times. Most of us are usually not too comfortable with wearing too many colours, but going with the previous points and starting off with bright and fun accessories may become your entry ticket into the glamorous world of colourful, statement-making, personality-infused fashion. If you like how you look with a small bit of colour, you will eventually gain the confidence to wear any colour you want, in any capacity.  

Tip #5 Go All Out

Any fashion advice is incomplete without the extremely important idea that at the end of the day, your style is meant to reflect who you are and as such, your clothes should make you happy and comfortable when you dress up. You can wear an entirely brightly lit outfit or use just a bright colour for your lipstick. There is no fashion change too small and even a new shade of lipstick that you aren’t used to wearing can switch up your attitude. The most important thing is to have fun with your style, keep experimenting and never lose your spark. 

With these things in mind, you can dress up with the colour trends of the season and never feel out of your depth. If you want fun and easily customized style tricks or want to live your best look, contact us at Ten Unlimited for a private session with a professional stylist. I am here to provide a full colour analysis and advice that will work for your style needs for many years to come.