3 Steps to Love Getting Dressed Everyday

Honestly, this may seem like a no-brainer, but some of us don’t follow these 3 steps on a daily basis. Why? Too crushed for time. Too high maintenance. Too much trouble…

It really isn’t ANY of those things if you have the tools to know what you need in terms of building a wardrobe. Once you have the education about your colours, your body shape, and your personal branding, these 3 steps on a daily basis will be laughably simple!

  1. Pick a top and a bottom in your Wow Colour or your Wow Neutral Colour. If you are wearing a dress, jumpsuit, or romper…even easier! Don’t know what these are? My Colour Analysis & Swatchbook will be the service for you. SHOP NOW
  2. Pick the layering piece that my eBook says is optimal for you. You don’t even have to think about colour here because if you shop in your palette colours and follow my recommendations all of your clothes will match perfectly. To fine-tune even more, always follow my colour pairings guide created specifically for you…eBooks for DIY Body Shape Body Shape eBooks
  3. Accessorise your outfit to stay within your BRAND. Accessories are KEY for telling your story. Build the accessories that make the most of your personality.

With Style,