Five Style Tips Every Plus Size Man Needs to Know


It doesn’t matter your age, gender, or size. Looking and feeling stylish is important! Image stylists always look for clothes that emphasize your best features. Here are some style tips for plus size men that will help you look your best for every occasion.

1. V-Neck Tops

Whether you’re dressing for casual Fridays, or going out with friends, v-neck tops are a great choice. We’re not talking deep v-necks here, just a nice collar with a bit of a notch. It helps to elongate your neckline—perfect for rounder faces. V-neck sweaters are a nice look for larger guys, too, and if you’re wearing it over a t-shirt, make sure your t-shirt also has a v-neck to keep the look balanced.

2. Wear Suspenders

For many plus-size men, belts can be a problem. A fashion styling secret is to use suspenders instead. Suspenders are often more comfortable than belts, practical, and can make a great style statement! Make sure you wear suspenders while standing tall with great posture.

3. Fitted is Better

Avoid any temptation to wear loose or baggy clothes, especially in professional settings. Instead, choose well-fitted clothes that don’t add excess bulk to your shape. If clothes off the rack don’t fit quite right, find a great tailor to make sure your clothes fit your body. Any fashion consultant will tell you that clothes in stores aren’t made to fit all shapes and sizes, so buy what fits the closest, and then customize it for you.

Clean out your wardrobe of baggy jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and jackets, and replace those with well-made clothes that fit your body.

4. Shirts with Broad Collars

When in doubt about what to wear, go for a dressy look rather than too casual. Button-up shirts are the classic choice, so when you’re buying a button-up dress shirt, look for broad collars. This helps create a proportional look. And avoid those thin neckties (and necktie knots) as those won’t look balanced.

5. The 3-Button Blazer

Instead of a double-breasted blazer, opt for a 3-button blazer. They help to elongate your body and don’t add extra bulk like a double-breasted blazer does. If you like the look, you can also shop for some casual options for 3-button blazers that go great with jeans. Keep to darker colors like dark brown, dark red, deep green, and the always classic black.