Do Men Need an Image Stylist?

Title: Do Men Need an Image Stylist?


When men hear phrases like ‘image stylist’ or ‘fashion consultant’ they usually assume it’s just for women. But using an image consultant, personal shopper, or stylist can be like a secret style weapon for guys!

Whether you need a powerful image update, some stylish alternatives to jeans and a t-shirt, or a signature look that people will remember, every guy can tap into some great resources to level up his image.

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Professional Style Choices for Men

There are three types of professionals:

Image Consultant-Works on image and how to present yourself in media communication, public speaking, and etiquette.

Style Consultant-Helps you develop your appearance including clothes, hair, grooming, and shopping.

Personal Shopper-Shopping for everything you need, from clothes to gifts and home products.

How to Get the Image & Style You Want

Hiring a personal stylist isn’t just for movie stars and billionaires. Stylists can be hired by the hour or on a specific package rate so you can get the right advice for your needs and lifestyle. Look at their portfolios and read some reviews to see how they help men achieve their style goals.

You don’t even need an in-person visit. Many image consultants and stylists provide virtual services. Whether you need a total image package, or recommendations on how to dress for your body or the next promotion, you can book a virtual appointment and get the advice that’s right for you.

Use In-Store Resources and Tailoring

Some men’s clothing stores have personal shoppers and stylists available in-store—and you don’t need to make a purchase to use them. Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, ask for recommendations on styles or items.

You’ll have better luck visiting specialty menswear stores located outside of malls and department stores, so don’t hesitate to see what’s available near you.

Another option is to use a tailor to custom create a suit. Some tailors will even come to your house, take your measurements, and bring you the product for fittings. Custom clothing takes time, but it can be well worth it to have something made to suit you perfectly.

Other Options for Men’s Styling and Fashion

If you know a guy who is always dressed to the nines in a style that you like, ask if he’ll disclose his shopping sources. Offer to buy him lunch in exchange for his insider tips or a trip to his go-to menswear stores.

Your phone has some great resources too. Download a virtual men’s style assistant like RMRS, IAmAlphaM, or WellDressed. These apps have style tips, shopping sources, and advice on curating your own personal style.