Bespoke Speaks for Itself – What does a $500 suit say to a $5000 suit?

It says, “I wish I could be you.”  That’s also what everyone who meets you in a bespoke suit thinks.  Think about it: Would Suits have been Suits without the lawsuit fighting lawyers wearing bespoke suits to fight crime?  Do you think superheroes would have been able to save the world if they fought in clothes that slowed them down?  In your life – the real one –  you are the visionary who can make this world a better place if you can inspire people.

What if we could find something that would REALLY help us do this?  We don’t use invisible capes to feel powerful anymore or let people who can barely get it together give us advice – much less convince us to invest in them.  We use suits for this purpose.  People in perfectly crafted, well-tailored suits grab our attention, and we feel proud to have them rooting for us.  What if the edge that we needed is a classic, timeless, bespoke suit?

When it comes down to making real, meaningful difference, choosing a $500 suit thoughtlessly ordered online, although with the measurements an exhausted friend unwillingly took at the end of the day, can be a deal breaker for you.  Yes.  The suit matters.  But have you found The One?  That which listens to you before you speak?  Unfortunately, the one that awaits you on the other end of the screen using your measurements feels so uncomfortable and restricts the way you move – it’s like a relationship you have outgrown.  It inhibits the way you reach out to others, and by targeting the self-confidence that took years to build, it even restricts your progress.

For most men, a $500 suit bought online does not do justice to their unique physique.  It does not truly reflect their style and limits the impact of any statement they might have hoped to make.

For mannequins, however, even an impersonal, off-the-rack suit can look great.  It can inspire awe as long as they stand still.  Therefore, if you happen to be a real person, you deserve something more than what a mass-produced mannequin would wear.  You are not mass-produced.  And you do not need to look or feel uncomfortable once you try to walk, sit, or move like the awesome style icon that you are.  And what if this culture architect wants to take long strides toward well-deserved success?  Does he want ill-fitted pants stopping him?

I agree that bespoke means out-of-reach luxury for most of us.  I can see why $500 custom suits have become immensely popular in the last few years.  The online supply chain management has made it quite easy to order something with just your measurements and conveniently receive it at your doorstep a month later.  It does seem like the perfect solution.  At first glance, it even looks like it is made just for you, but it is an automated design and the stitching modified to your measurements does not consider your individual physique or wear preference.  It does not allow for fittings or adjustments based on your personal style and leaves a large room for error due to inaccurate numbers.

The integrity of the suit – the very thing you are trying to get across – is direly compromised due to the glued interlining, a sewn interlining, or a hybrid of the two.  It often becomes too stiff to wear and move flexibly.  Even if it is a full or half canvas construction, it’s machine-made and impersonal.  Although some of the challenges it presents can be overcome through alterations by a professional suit tailor, that is just extra money spent and still no guarantee of a suit that does justice to who you are.  Let’s be practical.  The best fitting off-the-rack suit, whether bought online or offline is going to need a few hundred on tailoring to get it exactly right.  Even with the alterations, there are certain aspects of the suit that can never be fixed, such as the shoulders.  If they are either too big or even slightly small, there

is no way to get the size right.  After all this hassle that you should not have to do in the first place, your made-to-measure (MTM) suit will only last you a few years.  What if there exists a solution that lasts much longer and fits perfectly even if it means paying more upfront? 

Also, if we are going for the authenticity or timelessness that truly represents our values, this solution in the form of a bespoke suit can deliver that to us, although in more time than our MTM suit would from the virtual world of unknown tailors in faraway lands.  You get what I mean.  The whole thing is impersonal, and they don’t know you.  Also, they might not even realize what you are looking for.  This shows in the lack of fabric and colour options available.  They are usually thin and flimsy and come in just the usual business colours — grey, navy, or brown, with limited patterns and fabrics. The suits they send us are already breathing their last. 

Yes, it might feel like adding another zero to the $500 suit feels a bit heavy on the pocket, but then again, if done right, it’s a lifetime investment.  Moreover, a bespoke suit is something you can call your very own “second skin”.  After all, why would you give up on enjoying the contentment and confidence that comes with looking for the ultimate best version of yourself?

Knowing this, how would you like to be introduced to a world of opportunities where truly customized experiences await you, where miracles especially curated for your needs are attentive to your individual wants – and a world where you command success!  This is what wearing a bespoke suit feels like.  You have only just begun enjoying this addictive experience.  Now come fit and quality.

With regards to materials, as with all the luxuries a bespoke garment offers, you can ask an image consultant to help you narrow down your choices.  As a trendsetter, I am professionally trained to settle for only the best and most customized quality for my clients.  I have noticed how most online suit retailers do not offer the choice of fabric weights or know what the client is using the suit for.  Also, there is little to no choice of the fabric and colour for the inside of the suit for seams, lining, and finishing.  The pockets are often not well-made and returning or exchanging an MTM suit is mostly not offered.  This can turn a truly inspiring experience into a uniquely frustrating one.  By steering you in the right direction, I will help you avoid this mess and be there every step of the way.  Based on my many years in the fashion industry, I can confidently tell if the fit fits you perfectly.

Let me take you on a detailed walkthrough of the bespoke experience:

The Bespoke Process

After lots of research and finding the perfect suit maker, you will most likely be working closely with a master tailor who will take numerous measurements for your fitting.  The process requires your tailor to create a pattern specific to you, they would not be working with a pre-made pattern.  This ensures that your suit is fully customized. 

Then, your measurements will be used to create a hand-made suit with room for any alterations you might need.  You will be requested to come in for a fitting to provide feedback.  The suit maker will make any necessary adjustments at this point.  Remember that throughout this process, your opinion, style, situation, and gait are taken regarded as the benchmark.

After determining the initial quality and fit, your unique preferences come into play.  If you prefer it to fit a bit more snuggly, or need more room for movement for your arms, you are encouraged to convey your concerns.  Rest assured that these suggestions will be of utmost priority and the result will exceed your expectations.  After you are satisfied with the final fit, the smaller details of the suit will be discussed so nothing remains overlooked.  Each and every aspect of this hand-crafted, unique piece of art will truly represent you.

This seems like a good time to list some steps for you to take before and during the suit making process:

  • Do your research to find the very best suit maker.  Look out for any bad reviews and keep your eyes open for what people are wearing and when.  Don’t ignore the power of social media and track the trends around your situation.  Even being attentive to the tailor’s website will help you filter through to the highest in fit and quality.  Those are the two aspects you need to always keep in mind. 
  • Take the time it takes to receive the highest quality garment into consideration as well.  It is good to know when you will finally be able to wear the suit so there are no surprises, and you are ready to charm people on the occasion in question.  Multiple fittings and travel time need to be taken into account for this.
  • Figure out what it is that you really want.  Also, try to determine why you want this.  Narrowing your purpose will make it much easier to create the exact suit you need – one which you have only housed in your mind so far.  Don’t worry, your style consultant will help you in this as well.  They can help you choose the fabrics and cut according to the season.  Another question to ask yourself at this time is: What is my personal style?
  • Think about this one: An important aspect is definitely the budget involved.  It is important to remember that you are paying for the higher quality and craftsmanship.  This premium price tag contains the workmanship involved and is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.  However, having a higher price does not necessarily make a garment bespoke.  What you should remind yourself is that because bespoke garments last a long time, by investing in quality over quantity, you might even be saving money over time.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed.  It seems that there are many factors to consider but you don’t need to be worried about this.  When you realize that you can ask for other custom options as well, it might be seem challenging to pick the best.  Here I would take you back to the purpose of this process.  It all depends on the occasion and your needs.  Your personal suit maker is experienced and can create anything from a tuxedo to sports coats, and more.  Your appointment will be assigned a timeslot so make use of this time by being prepared ahead of time. 
  • Always be open to suggestions.  Although I am encouraging you to have a clear idea of what you expect at the end of the process, I would always ask my clients to remain creative and have fun.  Be open to what is out there that you might not even know till you talk to someone who has spent their life perfecting this craft.  As a personal stylist, I know colour theory and proper garment fit.  I have been trained to catch what looks out of place, when people look uncomfortable, and how to make them look and feel absolutely fabulous.  I have spent years as a personal shopper and stylist and I will later tell you why this is so rewarding.

Finally, after you receive your bespoke garment, cherish the finest quality fabrics from around the world and the level of attention that went into it for you.  Take care of your unique suit and yourself and enjoy your bespoke moment for a long time – it could be more than 30 years.  It is an investment in yourself.  You in your bespoke suit are sure to create lasting memories.

Now that this masterpiece is ready, I will tell you why I am into this:

I promised to let you in on why I like this process.  I enjoy seeing the transformation in my client’s eyes when they first try on their well-tailored, hand-crafted suit.  It is something worth witnessing.  I work and live for the moment they realize that the clothes they have been wearing all their lives were not really their perfect match and seeing them move forward to treating themselves the way they deserve is a perk.  I love how most of them never go back.  It is a simple yet profound realization that makes such a positive and permanent impact throughout their lives.  I love introducing people to their best self. 

With Style,

Michelle Gallant