What Does an Image Consultant Do?

As with most creative endeavors, the question of what does an image consultant do can be answered in a number of ways.

Image Consulting is a Professional Field

Image consultants provide professional services to help clients improve both their professional and personal appearance. After a life change such as getting a new job, significant weight loss or even just freshening your look for a new season clients tend to evaluate their appearance to see where they can update their look.

Image Consulting is a Creative Field

The question of what does an Image Consultant do can be answered by considering that Image Consultants are artists and their blank canvasses’ are the clients that hire them. The medium they use is clothing, accessories, color technology as well as body language.  It’s an art form that the client can experience again and again every time they get dressed.
Image Consulting is a Feel-Good Field

“We are in the self-improvement and empowerment business”

could be the answer to the question of what does an Image consultant do?  More often than not a client goes to an Image Consultant because of a need to upgrade their look but they are carrying a lot of mental baggage regarding their body, their style, and the confusion they feel when they say “I want to upgrade my look”.
What is often missed, in my experience, is that there is a level of joy that comes from a client getting an upgraded look that goes far beyond what they imagined.  I’m talking about the kind of aha’s that clients could not have achieved without the help of an Image Consultant gently prodding the client to ask themselves the question
“What if…”
 “What if I go for this style of shoe even though it’s not generally a style that I would go for.”
“What if I ditch the loose-fitting jeans because they are comfortable and go for skinny jeans that are just as comfortable and look sexy”
“What if I start layering my clothing and experimenting with fabrics and textures and not do just what’s within my comfort zone”
Speaking of self-improvement what does an Image Consultant do can be viewed from the lens of empowerment. Getting a promotion or a new job is often the reason someone reaches out to me.  All of a sudden there is a requirement to step up the image in the workplace because of a promotion or new job. In many business environments, the last thing you want to do is not look as awesome as you could.
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