Perfect Fit Jeans EVERY TIME!

Hello, World!

Guess what?

We…NEED…Perfect…Jeans.  And I know where to get them!

We need them to fit perfectly, and we need to have one for every occasion – we should be able to grab a beautiful blue pair with our favorite white tee and we should be able to define our stance through the jeans we wear. Even though jeans are a definite wardrobe staple, and we need them to just fit us and our lifestyles already, most of us find the experience of looking for our forever jeans exasperating and we eventually give up.

It is like finding the perfect partner – why can’t someone just make us love our lives and support any and all of our thoughts forever and love us for who we are? Why can’t we find the perfectly customized combination of style and comfort that shines a much-needed light on all the inner confidence we have hiding deep in the shadows of failed experiences? That’s all we need from denim. Oh, plus the right level of stretch and structure.

I came across the solution to finding the latter soulmate mentioned above after going through fit and fabric issues while shopping for myself and my many beautiful clients as their personal shopper and wardrobe specialist.  Before I let you in on this, I would like to share some other gems since that’s the kind of mood I am in today.

First, let’s discover how to choose the perfect pair.

Perfect Rise

This depends on your body shape and what you are trying to achieve as well as what makes you feel comfortable (of course, always).


This is a great fit for women with curvy hips.  To make sure you avoid the waist gap, it is a good idea to buy low-rise jeans that fit perfectly at your hips.  For leaner body shapes with less curvy hips, the right stretch and structure to your jeans is key to make sure they do not hang lower.


Mid-rise is known as the most versatile style as it helps compliment body types.  This can be a wardrobe staple for you, especially for those of us who want to have a more well-defined waist and abdomen area. You can opt for any type of top with these as you have the option to neatly tuck in your top to guide the eye toward your midsection or keep it untucked from the back and still if you’d like a trendy and silhouette that flatters your physique.


Most of us think of lost decades when we see high-rise jeans, but the fact is that they never really went out of style. This is because it provides support to your midsection and highlights smaller waists.  You can opt for high-rise jeans with wider legs for a totally retro look.

High Rise Jeans

Perfect Fit

The fit is about the silhouette you would like to create.  It depends on your body type, the type of occasion you are buying your jeans for, your preferred style, and your level of comfort.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans can be dressed up or down.  You can go for a slimmer cut and pair heels with them for a fun evening out.  As boyfriend jeans lean toward a loose fit, they look great with a fitted top and flatter apple-shaped bodies (sigh…I don’t like that term, I call this an A SHAPE body, however, I want you to be sure what body type I mean.)

Straight Leg Jeans

For a more casual look, this is a great alternative to skinny jeans.  If you have completely ruled out skinny jeans because you didn’t quite feel at home in them but still love the look, you should not hesitate to experiment with awesome straight-leg jeans.  Apart from the obvious comfort, another elemental reason to invest in straight-leg jeans is that they flatter hourglass, apple, as well as athletic body shapes (my definitions are X, A, and H body shapes respectively) and make you look taller.  This is why you can wear flatter shoes with them.  As the silhouette of the jeans itself have simple cuts, they pair well with tops that have great tailoring details or blazers.

Bootcut Jeans

If you have great boots and great legs these are great jeans to direct all eyes on them. If you have an hourglass or a pear body shape, you will look awesome in your awesome boots and boot-cut jeans. They go with a variety of tops.

Skinny Jeans

This cut is the slimmest of them all – with the smallest part being at your ankle.  The stretchy-er the denim, the more comfortable your skinny jeans will be.  These are universal and go with almost everything.  Choosing the bulkier, loose-fitting tops that are super in trend right now will help create visual balance from top to bottom (literally).  Alternatively, sleeker silhouettes look graceful and elongate the wearer’s look.

Perfect Wash

Dark Wash

Dark denim has no replacement.  It compliments all body shapes and looks better with time.  You can go for dusk blue or super dark black to wear with everything, even on Fridays to pull off a business casual look (dark denim definitely looks the most professional) with a luxurious sweater.

Light to Medium Wash

These remind us of summer sunshine on cold winter days and look cool and casual in the heat of summer.  They would help you step ahead with a more laid-back approach as they make you look personable, welcoming, and calm just like the cool blue skies they were inspired by.  Do not hesitate to pair them up with light pastel tops or even dark and dramatic shirts to achieve an even cooler vibe.

Colored Jeans

You can wear fun colors to any lunch or dinner, work meetings, or evening hangouts with friends and colleagues and look fabulous in any of the many colors denim looks great in.

Stretch and Structure

We are always on the hunt for exactly the right balance of stretch and structure. The dilemma with this is that the perfect amount of stretch – should feel like loungewear, please – and structure.  When it has a ton of comfortable stretch, style suffers as the structure is compromised and our body shape is not flattered the way it deserves to be.  Also, obviously, when it looks great, experience says that it would feel awful.

Well, not so obviously, actually.

As I mentioned earlier, I know how to find the perfect combination of fit, flare, style, and structure.  Plus all of the other things we need to make life better.

Retailers like Revtown have identified the void in the world where only a perfect pair of jeans can go.  They have combined this knowledge with their extensive expertise in making athletic wear and realized our far-fetched dreams with the help of creative denim makers.  The denim is Italian denim and the stretch is Revtown’s very own.  This achieves the perfect balance of style and comfort every time.  And!  It does not cost as much as the designer jeans you might have been wearing as you relentlessly continued your hunt.

By addressing and predicting all the right problems, this online website has come up with phenomenal solutions.  This is specifically targeted at people who have problems finding the perfect jeans due to major fit issues.  It guarantees the perfect fit every time!

There are a ton of fits and washes to choose from.  Ta-da! After you pick your favorite style (the stretch is already perfect), you get taken to your very own digital tailor.  This is a revolution in online shopping!

Other Things to Love:
  • The website cleverly starts by categorizing you by your height.  It’s incredible, their height category starts at 4‘7“, so women under 5‘2“ would be delighted to know the world has answered their woes.
  • Next, they focus on your weight, and weight starts at 90 pounds!  Isn’t that unheard of?
  • I’ll tell you a secret tip.  The next page they take you to asks what your sizes were in your waist on a pair of pants that really fits you well.  This is a trick I always use before I start styling a client and shopping without them.
  • They even ask you whether you want a regular length or an ankle-length.  A key factor in what you say decides what the inseam will be.

I worked as a fit technician for years and when you have someone’s exact height and preference for regular or ankle length, it’s super simple to get the perfect inseam length for each and every person.  The best news of all (I know, everything is the best)?

You are already getting great value for money and you will never have to pay for a pant hem alteration!

Even your body type is taken into account.  Have fun checking out the customized attention to detail.  This is because even if your jeans are made according to your height, whether you are slender, athletic, or curvy makes a huge difference in fit.  Based on your weight and height, Revtown will adjust the hip measurements to get that snug, perfect fit that everyone desires on their bum with none of those horrible, vertical slashes happening on your thighs.

Stylish Jeans

Now we come to the fit and feel page.  Once you get over the fact that a denim website is actually asking you how you want your jeans to fit you!  Incredible.  It’s an important factor that most online retailers completely overlook.

One of the main reasons I hear people not wanting to buy clothes online is because the clothes never fit them properly.  Creative and thoughtful professional online retailers like Revtown are the answer!

Comfy Jeans

I have personally loved my experience investing in great denim from RevtownUSA and will always keep looking for and sharing other style secrets with you.